How Begin helped Provider Pool get prepared for Techstars Demo Day.

About Provider Pool

Provider Pool (Techstars ‘20) was creating a marketplace to revolutionize the way nurses apply for and claim shifts at hospitals nearby. Hospitals are then able to review applicants and hire the right person for each shift. Provider Pool approached us to help them complete and polish their web and iOS applications that were behind schedule for their investor demo day. 

Tech Used

React, Next.js, NestJS, PostgresQL

Fully functional MVP

Produced in under 40 days


Provider Pool engaged with us to bring their incomplete .NET web application to a place where they could confidently demo to investors, users, and customers. The app needed improvement on core features, better fleshed-out user flows, and design improvements. We worked closely with their CTO and COO to determine the best way to get their product ready in time. With 40 days to achieve our goal, we quickly put a team together and got to work.

Based on user feedback, Provider Pool designed an improved UI for the nurse side of the application. We were able to bring the new design language and pages to life using responsive design, vastly improving the nurses’ user experiences.

After the web portion was well-received, Provider Pool happily asked us to complete the iOS app as well. While most of the UI was already built via React Native, Provider Pool still needed help polishing it and completing the complex functionality requirements.

“They provided cost-effective, high-quality work. They were reliable, and their communication was top notch. We never wondered where they were at with a task or worried about them not getting something done. In the world of development shops, that’s incredibly rare.”

End Product

The finished web app brings a well-needed design overhaul, improved user experience, and new features to the nursing side of the finished product’s marketplace. Pages are now using the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure consistent, expected functionality. Additionally, the web app was now fully functional as the MVP and was rolled out for use by hospitals in the local area of Provider Pool. We were thrilled to build Provider Pool’s vision into a functional product.

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